Tuesday, 29 September 2015

29th September 2015

Today Tuesday 29th of September.

1- is World Heart Day.
2- its 2 years today since Evan had his first open heart surgery.
3- it was today that we found out completely out of the blue that Evans next heart operation is scheduled for next week, no warning, no lead in, just the call that flights were to be organised. We have been under no illusion that he would need another operation, but it was always somewhere in the future, his 3 monthly check ups were just that, routine and nothing out of the ordinary, until this morning. We have an appointment with Dr Casey on Friday to get a full explanation and I suppose to see what lies ahead. But the thought of the return trip to Birmingham isn't exactly filling us with confidence, no concerns about the operation or the care, just the experience.

Flights, having to take a car seat for the taxi at the other side all the unnecessary complications if only we had children's heart surgery available on this island - within a few hours drive.