Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Back to Barbour Ward

We've had Evan home since the start of December, with a weekly visit to the RVH to check his weight.

His weight has been fluctuating up and down over the last few weeks, but it came as a real kick in the stomach on Friday when we were told, it was necessary to replace the "Central Line" and put him back on TPN.

We were told this Monday to be in the Royal for 8am on Tuesday, so an early start to get everything packed and sorted.

And around 11am on Tuesday we were told that there was no opening on the surgical list, and to come back again on Friday, and to add to it when he was weighed he had put on weight since Friday.

Having thought that Evan needing TPN was both behind us and well in front of us, it has been an emotional time, and with the thought of him being back in hospital for another month, will bring a whole raft of other challenges.

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