Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Belfast - Barbour - numbers

Friday saw us back to Barbour Ward in the Royal, we have left Clarke as the Cardiac team are happy the operation has went well.

And Friday has seen his peg feed reach 30ml per hour a volume that I didn't think we would see this soon and still increasing 1ml a day.

So Evan in figures -

He weighs 8kgs
Uptake should be 100ml per kg = 800ml per day.
Current milk by peg is 31ml for 20hrs = 620ml per day.
The balance currently made up with TPN.

So the plan is increase milk by 1ml per day to replace the TPN.

Tuesday and he is coping well on increasing 1ml per day so now its up to an increase of 1ml every 12hrs, he's currently on 34ml/hr so by Friday he'll hopefully have hit the magic 40ml/hr.

But as we see light at then end of the tunnel there are always those wee reminders, Evan's had a kidney scan today to check it's function, which acts just as a reminder that he only has one, just incase we got too excited about the progress of his feeds.

As before everything was going well but then came -

1- an increase to his milk to 46ml/hr

2- a flu jab

3- an increase to the concentration of his milk

4- an op to have his central line 'removed'

5- a cold doing the rounds

And Evans just not himself, not just as bouncy as usual, but hes still doing well.

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