Thursday, 31 October 2013

Belfast - lines & tubes

One of the basic and very unscientific ways that I have measured Evan's progress is the number of wires or tubes he had connected.

When he arrived back from Birmingham he had -
*his Central Line
*his peg into his stomach
*2 canuals
*oxygen nasal specs
*heart monitoring leads x4

Over the past few weeks these have gradually decreased to just the Central Line & peg - until this morning when Evan decided he wanted to help by removing his Peg himself, all part of the process that lies ahead, and in Clarke Clinic style it was quickly replaced and the feeds were restarted.

The TPN is back to running over 12 hours but at a reduced rate which is decreasing by 1ml per day and the milk is increasing by 1ml a day - 1ml doesn't sound alot in the scheme of things but is a big step each day for Evan.

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