Monday, 23 September 2013

After 227 Days now its only hours.

We are set to fly to Birmingham tomorrow morning at 10:00 in an Air Ambulance, so have to be on the ward for 9:00 to go to Aldergrove by ambulance.

I've been asked a couple of times "if I was nervous." It's not nerves, it's not relief, the best way to describe it is the feeling you get at the end of a holiday when you just want to get on the plane and go, you can't be bothered with the packing you can't be bothered with the travelling you just want to get on with it.

The packing has started, the organising underway, work sorted as much as it can be sorted, our accommodation reference supplied.

But the big wrench is yet to come when we say goodbye to Freya in the morning, no amount of preparation will have me ready for that.

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