Monday, 30 September 2013

Birmingham - Day 2

After a few hours sleep and going through the motions of breakfast, we will know soon if Evan's surgery will be today.
While back home after her big sleep over at grannies where she played with the dogs and fed calves, today she's going to get her flu jabs, so our wee girl will be off form later as well.
One of the unsettling things as a parent and I know it shouldn't be but having been under the care of the same excellent paediatric cardiac consultant since the pre-natal scans its strange to think his heart will be in the hands of someone we will only meet for a few minutes.
And just had another wee uncertainty sorted, after having spent one night in Birmingham's Thistle Hotel where rooms are booked one night at a time, which means packing each morning, we have had confirmation of a room in Ronald McDonald which is a welcome relief and will be ours as long as we need to stay with Evan, on the other hand I keep having an image of the staff in the same uniforms as the restaurant staff.

Evan with his teddy and 'dancing feet'

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