Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Why patients are called patient

So our travel day has arrived, "be on the ward for 9:00 we'll leave the ward 9:30 in Aldergrove at 10:00 take off at 10:30." simple timetable.

After an emotional and quick goodbye to Freya and a foggy drive down the M2, we got to the ward with minutes to spare.

Nurses, consultants, auxiliaries all gathered around for a last kiss or cuddle, transport team arrived, all waiting but now it's 9:45 now it's 10:00.

10:05 And now we have heard that there's no bed for Evan in Birmingham, due to an emergency admission last night, but after their ward round this morning there may be a bed, but remember the fog..... well Aldergrove maybe closing but we'll keep an eye.

Solution - Minister Poots return paediatric cardiac services to Belfast, joint split site with Dublin will work, we can drive through the fog but cancelled beds will be the problem no matter where the 'other' location is, and as I am on record of saying "Northern Ireland children will be the ones to lose out."

Birmingham's ward round is at 10:30 so we wait... not knowing will we be put back... hours... days... weeks... minutes???

10:55 - Birmingham will know in the next half hour.

11:15 - Just been told - cancelled - will get a call at 8:00am in the morning as there MAY BE a bed!

So now to let everyone know - we'll let Evan make the calls.

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