Sunday, 29 September 2013

Birmingham - Day 1

So we have arrived in Birmingham and as expected 'its different' not bad different nor good different, but being just one week short of spending eight months in the RVH its different. The staff in Birmingham are friendly and efficient but they aren't the staff of Barbour Ward.

And who knew but the plane that is the air ambulance that brought us over was once Kylie Minogue's that she used to go between London and Paris - so there's a story for Evan when he's older.

The reg has been around and Evan is second on tomorrow's list, depending on the availability of an intensive care bed. So again we wait.

So tonight we are checked into the Thistle in Birmingham but we'll see if and when we leave the side of his cot.

And the biggest question will be, will we be able to pay for our food using Ulster Bank or Northern Bank?

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