Tuesday, 13 October 2015

13th Oct : HDU

Still in HDU Evan back on his feet today and running up and down the ward, even though he is still attached to his pacing box and he is really back on form the nurse who looked after him on his first night obviously struck a cord. He was walking up and down the corridor when he stopped at the nurses station went over to her gave her a hug, called her "my lady" and took her by the hand to the play room, and she couldn't resist that charm.

We should know tomorrow if he's to get a pacemaker, but all the signs are pointing to the fact that it is going in - its just going to be when.

Since Evan was diagnosed prenatal I have been a strong advocate for the retention of children's heart surgery in Belfast and then failing that an all island solution, and I'll still keep fighting for that despite Evan's care pathway being clear that he'll always return to Birmingham for whatever procedure he needs.

It is easy to forget that the review of children's cardiac services started as an England & Wales initiative that spread into Scotland & then Northern Ireland.

As we sit here tonight there are four beds in this part of Ward 12 the High Dependency Unit - and each bed represents each of the four home nations - each glad in a way to be here for the services they provide and the care they give but each equally wanting to be at home with their family.

And listening to the various and many stories, it all goes back to the fact that when we look around you appreciate how fortunate we are, as there are many worse off.

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