Friday, 2 October 2015

2nd October - Royal

Today we met with Evan's Consultant, his left artery has a fibrous growth which is restricting the flow of blood leaving his heart, so his operation will be to remove the tissue and allow a better blood flow.

However they have also detected a concern with his heart rate which although not any worse was always a concern, his heart rate when sleeping drops to an average of only 39 bpm, with an inconsistent rythm, so they are also considering 4 options.

The 1st do the main operation and continue to monitor the rythm.

2nd while he is being operated on fit wires for a pacemaker so one can be fitted in the future.

3rd fit a pace maker

4th do the first operation but leave his chest open while they monitor the rhytm for a few days fit the pace maker if necessary or close it up if not needed.

But as always, Evan's Consultant has an ability to allay concerns and answer questions we didn't even know we wanted to ask.

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