Friday, 9 October 2015

9th October 2015 : PICU & HDU Ward 12

A very restless night in PICU in fact anyone coming within 10foot of the bed got cried at, wee man just sore, grumpy and coming down off the morphine.

One of the ways we always guaged Evans progress was the number of wires or tubes he was connected to.

At 6am that consisted of : 3 canulas, a sensor in his neck, a chest drain, 2 temporary pacing wires and 3 sensors for a heart tape.

By 12 he's back onto Ward 12 and with him due to leave PICU its down to : 2 canulas, 2 temporary pacing wires, 3 sensors for a heart tape and a blood pressure cuff.

Due to Evan's later start at eating in general, he loves to drink and especially Oatly milk as he's lactose intolerant, a litre plus a day no problem plus juice plus water, today post op he's only allowed 500ml of water over 24hrs.

And boy did that bring out the temper, I gave him a small drink of water, he asked for "more milk" to be told "no" saw him ask louder to be told "no" again saw him throw every toy out of his bed, stand up, do a full 360' turn wrapping every lead and tube around himself before sitting down folding his arms and glowering at me.

His nurse looked at him looked at me and said "I never knew what that saying, if looks could kill meant, but now I do!"

But he's had a bit of jelly and is due something to eat later, so we're friends again.

Jenny and I are back into our shifts, I had a chat with Freya earlier who asked a few questions about how Evan was but was more concerned about who was staying in the hospital at night with Evan so he didn't get lonely, as she was sure most of the little babies couldn't talk to him to keep him company as they wouldn't be able to see him out of their cots.

It's the night shift on Ward 12 and Evan's nurse is one of the one's who looked after him 2 years ago when he was last in Birmingham & all is quiet.. so far.

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