Sunday, 20 October 2013

Belfast - Day 254

The purpose of this blog was to help parents who would have to make the journey to Birmingham or elsewhere by giving them an idea of what challenges we faced and encountered, so my intention was to stop it on our return to the familiarity and support of the Royal Children's. However due to the messages, comments and feedback I have had, and a somewhat shocking revelation that the blog had has had over 4,800 views to date, I have decided to continue it, although no longer on a daily basis but a regular one.

Evan is settling well into Clarke Clinic with a regular stream of visitors from Barbour Ward.

All reviews todate have shown that his heart operation has been a great success, the pocket on his lung is still there but hasn't got any worse.

And his biggest gripe is now his teeth.

The hugs and smiles from Freya on our return were - priceless!

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