Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Belfast - progress

Now that we are back in Belfast, the small steps towards Kells are more noticable but all going the right road -

Tuesday 22nd - saw his peg changed and a blood transfusion.

Wednesday 23rd - oxygen completely off and sats staying in the mid 90's; TPN back to 6hr break where he is disconnected so more freedom; talk today of move to reducing TPN to 12 hrs a day and increasing milk - which means a move towards home.

Thursday 24th - a teething baby as many parents know can be challenging at times, but include teething with increased feeds and reduced TPN times - result runny nappies and oxygen back on a wee bit, and a wee boy who has been 'growling' all day and eventually went to sleep around 7.

Friday 25th - because of the small amount of bowel that Evan has, the target always was being able to reduce the amount of TPN so that it could run over 12hrs. Evan has only "boked" (spell check had difficulty with that) once since his heart operation rather than roughly every 2/3hrs as he had done prior, so the Belfast Gastro team have been able to increase his milk more than they had thought possible and still continue to do so, so small small steps but good steps.

Saturday 26th - Jenny's mum & dad have been able to visit today and are amazed at his progess, its great to get more of the family in to see him, although visiting is restricted. The heart monitor is no off during the day so we are able to take him off the ward although it means circuits of the hospital but it's still good. Oxygen is slowly being reduced and is now at 0.5ltr, and the aim tonight is TPN over 10hrs.

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