Friday, 11 October 2013

Birmingham - Day13 - Ward

Evan's had a quiet night, little bit niggly for want of a better word.
Chest drain still remains in, but we have at long last been able to lift him and hold him, and I'm unable to describe just how good that feels, even if was only for a few minutes  so if you're a mum or a dad reading this, make sure you give your little ones a hug every day.
His temperature spiked briefly earlier today so they have added a second anti-biotic just to be sure.
 And not to get too basic about it but as the parent of a child with a "short bowel" the number and size of dirty nappies is a daily question, Evan had a small one around 6 this morning and by 3 still hadn't had another one, so his nurse decided to try a suppository, well to get the student nurse to try a suppository, and Evan gladly complied as the student nurse attempted to place it Evan, gave her quite a handful to contend with, it more ways than one, then turned around and smiled at her.
And shortly after that he went into a deep "starfish" sleep.
Only problem with that sleep earlier is that it is now 11.30pm and he's wide awake, but he's in good form again, temperature back down to normal and he seems content in himself.
Some people may think I over exaggerate Evan's eyes, but the nurse covering him tonight remembers him from a shift she covered on his first night here, which is now nearly two weeks ago, because of his big blue eyes.
Number one child, Freya, I think has blotted her copy book with her mum, Freya switched grandparents tonight for the weekend, and when Jenny phoned to update and talk to her, her only question was "is daddy with you?" the answer was no, so Freya left the phone down. What's the saying about fathers & daughters and mothers and sons?
The intention of this blog was as a guide for parents who may have to follow, and I hope this is read in that light, our experiences won't be the experiences of everyone, so please keep that in mind.
I am thankful that this blog has now been picked up by both the Ballymena Times (one of my local newspapers) and Childrens HeartBeat Trust, and also slightly concerned as now I'll have to be more careful with my spelling.
We have moved positions in the ward, still in the high dependency bit, but four cots are high dependency with two dedicated nurses, the other side is another step down and nearer the door, I hope both literally and physically.
Lights are out Evan's still awake, both legs going so all you can see is the little red glow of the light on his sats probe flying about in the dark.

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