Thursday, 17 October 2013

Birmingham - Day ??

Proverbs 27:1 Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.
Somewhere deep down when I wrote the opening to yesterday's post I knew I would regret it.
While waiting for an update of which of the two travel options are the most likely, the news we got this morning was not one we were expecting. Evan is booked into theatre tomorrow at 1pm, to have his Central Line replaced, it was talked about when we first arrived, it could be done in Belfast, and as I have also just been told that coming home by boat was never really an option, so he's due to have the operation tomorrow, and because of the anaesthetic and the pneumothorax travel won't be possible for a few days, which in Birmingham speak means Monday at the earliest.
In a few previous posts I have referred to the overall coordination that exists here, I've now started to question that, there maybe a few flaws, mostly when you leave PICU, great teams of dedicated individuals but at times communication isn't all that it should be, or possibly that I expect it to be.
It is very much the case now that I feel people are talking to us without telling us anything, but there is one place I know I'll get a straight answer and input - unfortunately & reluctantly I have to ring Belfast - cardiac liaison nurse speaks to cardiac liaison nurse, Evan's Belfast Consultant answers a text from me despite him being scheduled in surgery in Belfast, and things start to happen.
It transpires that Evan was put on the list to have his central line replaced on the 4th of Oct which I do remember, not thinking we would still be here, however the Doctor who requested it hasn't put his name to it, and no one ever thought to follow it up, his cardiac surgeons are consulted and agree that he doesn't need the line replaced urgently, it can be done in Belfast and it shouldn't hold up the chance for Evan to get back home.
So the next step is waiting for our travel to be organised, taking Evan's lung into consideration, an x-ray has been taken and we await the review.

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