Monday, 14 October 2013

Birmingham - Day 16 - Ward

Monday morning brings rounds of Consultants, surgeons and doctors, every speciality that has been involved in our two weeks here, and recommendations and suggestions are made which will all be coordinated and fall into place later today.
A group of surgeons is called an 'incision', but I can't find the noun for a group of consultants, but I can think of a few!
Evan's been for another chest x-ray, and one sign he's improving, he went to x-ray rather than x-ray coming to him! The pocket of air on his right lung has got a little smaller so decision is to leave the drain in for another couple of days.
Earlier today there was a mention of Belfast (which will be covered in a later post) but this afternoon has brought news that another consultant has reviewed Evan's x-ray and the pocket of fluid on his left lung, has increased, to an extent that they will x-ray him first thing in the morning and compare with previous x-rays, if it has increased, a surgeon has told us she will make room on her list and put in another drain, which is good news, but the best news will be tomorrow that the pocket hasn't got any larger and the diuretics have worked, and I pray its the later.  


  1. I have loved reading all your posts Robin and seeing the pics of Evan still looking gorgeous. Wish I had known about your blog earlier. Will now be tuned in. Love to the three of you. Xx

  2. Everyone talking about your chat on the radio this morning! We are missing you all! Lovely reading your posts and will stay tuned! Love u to all x