Monday, 7 October 2013

Birmingham - Day 9 - Ward.

And a busy Monday morning, first visit was from the Gastro team and a very different experience from last week, full explanation of what they have planned and the changes that have been made, and they are going to run a liver function sample as we had been concerned that the TPN was running 24hrs again and there was no break to allow the liver time to rest.
Then the Cardiac Consultant and his team, the LA line will be removed later today, hes happier with Evans heart rhythm but wants to run a 24hr ecg tape which will start this evening, and has requested physio to have a look as well due to the chest infection.
Within the hour and all at once, a team came to change his peg, a team to remove his LA line and the Physio team. Cardiac took precedence so the line was removed and the others will come back later after giving the site time to heal.
But the smiles and the kisses are slowly but surely making a comeback.
Evan has been in great form all day and well into the night, smiling and blowing kisses, and those big eyes and his two tooth smile has the nurses here wrapped around his wee finger the way he does in Belfast.

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