Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Birmingham - Day 3 - Recovery

A strange day so far, and that feeling of being a spare part that gets in the way.

While in a panic to see him this morning, everything is as was last night, which is a good thing, they weaned him off his morphine during the night, which lead to the nurse who was looking after him describe him as a "bold" boy, well he did manage to dislodge his ventilator while sedated along with a few other lines.

Being at the side of an intensive care bed is alot different from being at the side of a hospital cot, continual monitoring by nurses and doctors, medicine flow rates tweaked here adjusted there, doctor's rounds ICU and Cardiac, scans and x-rays and all the reassurances everything is ok and this is all routine, but sitting or standing, I continually feel to be in the way even though I may not be.

But our Co. Clare Sister is back on duty and is over the ward like a rockets to point out to one of the cardiac doctors completing a scan, "you MUST be new, as anyone else would know to wear an apron while in a bed space" with a glare that would make Medusa proud but with a wink and a smile to Jenny & me.

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