Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Belfast - normality

Now that Evan's back in the Royal our life is slowly returning to normal, well what we have considered normal for the last 8 months.

Up in the morning and get Freya ready to go to her granny & granda, while I head to work and Jenny heads to the hospital for the day, and after work I head across to the hospital and Jenny picks Freya up on the way home, and then when Evan is asleep and settled for the night, I head home with the possibility that Freya isn't in bed yet.

Evan's well settled in Clarke Clinic, he has had his peg changed today without any concerns, standard form is it has to be changed every 3 months, and there is no great panic yet to change the Central Line.

Since his return it has been noted that Evan's hemoglobin has been a bit low, well no wonder after open heart surgery and the number of blood tests he's had in the last few months, so it was decided yesterday that he needed a small transfusion, 120ml, which he received today.

I don't know who donated the blood, if it was a Northern Irish, English or Welsh donor, I do know its been tested and its safe and my son needed it, and as a blood donor myself, when you see first hand the difference donated blood makes in our health service - donate today.

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