Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Birmingham - Day 18 - Ward

I'm  almost scared to write this post tonight - so far Evan has had a normal day, well a normal day for Evan - 3 doses of 1 type of diuretic, 2 doses of another diuretic, 2 doses of an antibiotic, 3 doses of the medicine that slows down the milk travelling through his stomach, 2 pain relief suppositories, 400ml of his TPN and 118ml of his lipid both through his central line, 360ml of milk through his stomach peg, and his new trick since coming here he has drank about 15ml of water from a sponge on a stick.
Out of all the above probably the most normal one to anybody reading this is drinking water, for us its quite a good sign, from he was born he has been either fed through an NG tube (a line through his nose to his stomach) or his peg (a line straight into his stomach), so there has always been a need to make sure that he remembers how to swallow and that whatever goes into his mouth just doesn't make him choke.
Jenny had been trying him with a few small taste testers before we left Belfast, which had stopped when he had his last chest infection, and the sight of him chewing about a wee finger nail size portion of mashed banana, was worth watching.
The next step now following his successful heart operation, will be for the Gastro team in Belfast to get him to a situation where we can finally have him home for a night. Today Evan will be 8 months and 8 days old, and he has never spent a night anywhere else but in a hospital cot.
He's sound asleep in his starfish pose, and the good news from today his 2 top teeth are through, so he came here with 2 teeth and will go home, soon I hope, with 4!
The purpose of this blog is hopefuly to help parents who will have to make this trip after us, one of the biggest help to us is Ronald McDonald House. its not a hotel nor a hostel, but its as close as a home from home we could imagine, yesterday there was a poster up asking people to vote for the Ronald McDonald in Birmingham in a Lloyds competition by texting "VOTE PDTA" to 61119, if you could can I ask you to do this as it gives them a chance of winning £3,000.00. 

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