Friday, 11 October 2013

Birmingham - Day 7 - Ward

Half of today is already in yesterday's post, as so much of yesterday has run into today!
Evan has managed a couple of hours sleep, bit more like himself still dark around his eyes.
A lack of a pain control management plan seems to be the main factor in last nights proceedings, he's a bit grumpy today but sleeping at last.
All in all a different we boy from last night, he's dropped a bit of weight and without his chubby checks he looks like me again, dear help him.
But some of the junior doctors here, well one in particular, needs a refresher in bedside manners.
She appeared at 11.30pm needing another blood sample as his potassium was high, so I asked her/him what that meant, and was told "its an indication of renal failure and he may need emergency dialias",  but in a few seconds the nurse was back with the result to say the first had been a false reading. When I was with my previous employer when it came to lab results they had a simple procedure : test once, test twice, then report. Its would have saved my blood pressure going through the roof, and if the doctor had checked talking to the parent of a child with one kidney about renal failure isn't a topic for casual conversation.

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