Saturday, 12 October 2013

Few tips

1 - Never be afraid to ask, or speak up, remember you are there with your child.
2 - Ronald McDonald House - a great place to stay that does become a home from home
    a) Laundry - tokens for washing machines & dryers available at reception.
    b) Laundry - avoid Mondays for some reason everyone tries to do their washing on a Monday.
    c) Breakfast - there is breakfast in the common room Mon - Fri
    d) Kitchen/Cooking - all utensils are available, you have your own cupboard, section in the fridge, one big freezer so food in freezer needs to be labelled as it is mixed - but they are big fridges & freezers.
    e) Towels are provided, but no face cloths.
    f) Laundry - Colour Catchers or something similar essential - you can throw everything into one wash.
3 - Walking - to walk from Ronald McDonald to the hospital - there is a door in the far left hand corner of the bottom story of the car park, this brings you right into the hospital, you can always leave through it, but it is locked between 8pm - 6am so you can't always get in - some wards may have parents passes which will give you access. If leaving the hospital, on the ground floor find the automatic doors for the "Laboratory, Eye Department" and go to the end.
4 - To eat - while the self catering aspect of Ronald McDonald is brilliant every now and again you need a change, places I would recommend because I liked them, (not an endorsement)
   a) Boston Tea Party, out front door of hospital, turn right, first left and its nearly opposite you to the right - good cup of tea/coffee and good food - (get a loyalty card)
   b) John's Fish Shop, nearly opposite Boston Tea Party, very good fish, large mixed kebab would feed two (reasonably priced).
 c) there are 3 places to eat in the hospital, I wasn't overly impressed and a bit over priced.
5 - Shopping - there are shops in Birmingham, so don't fill your luggage with nappies, wipes etc. you can buy them here -
  a) there is a 24hr NISA out front door of hospital, cross road to police station, turn left, and keep walking on that same footpad as if you are going around the back of the police station.
b) Tesco Express, same side of street as John's Fish shop next the roundabout.
c) if you go across the roundabout and take second road on the left you will come to 'The Bullring' and every shop you will ever need.
d) take a big envelope and keep all your receipts for food in it.

6 - Contacts - get to know the cardiac liason nurse in Belfast, contact details & emergency contact details, get to know the cardiac liason nurse in Birmingham, contact details & emergency contact details. Rooms in Ronald McDonald have direct lines to the wards, get the number from the nurses station.

7 - Safety - when walking around Birmingham either at night or early morning always remember you aren't at home.

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