Thursday, 10 October 2013

Birmingham - Day 12 - Ward

I have finally got up to date with the daily posts of our time in Birmingham, as it is just approaching midnight as I sit, as the blog title describes, at the side of my son's hospital cot.

I managed a longer than usual conversation with Freya earlier on this evening, but she had to rush away as granda was going out the back door and she needed to see where he was going.

Bit of a concern creeping in, but something that is being worked on in the back ground, that is although his heart operation has gone well and he has had his pacing wires removed today, his current lung condition may mean he is not able to fly any time soon, but others with a greater medical knowledge of these things than me are working on that, but it will be a recurring theme in these blogs until we are all back in Northern Ireland, the down side not just for us but its the knowledge that it was generally expected that we would be back home next week, and now somewhere another child's parents have received a call telling them that there is no longer a bed available.

But on the plus side, and that is how Jenny and I have been able to deal with this and that is to always look to the positives, the physio team are drawing up a plan for him, the gastro and nutritional team have been in touch with Belfast and to quote "they are going to try some of their magic" with him and his gut while he's here.

There has been a few steps back, but we are moving forward, slowly and surely

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