Sunday, 13 October 2013

Birmingham - Day 15 - Ward

Its 10:30 Sunday morning, Evan's been out sitting in his chair, I've had a cuddle and now he's asleep. It's hard to believe this time two weeks ago we were all in Belfast, time is a fickle things sometimes it feels as though we have been here a lot longer, especially after talking to Freya and sometimes it feels we have just arrived, when you have to start and explain Evan's conditions to another Doctor.

And I love Jenny's answer to that standard question, "what's wrong with Evan?" - "there's nothing WRONG with Evan although he does have a few medical conditions!"

Again it's Sunday and family visiting day, Evan's head hardly keeping still with all the people in the ward visiting their families, I'm sure he's wondering why he's stuck with just the two of us.

And it's this distance from family and loved ones that makes being here harder each day, we are in the right place for Evan at the minute, but never under estimate the support and love that comes from your family at a time like this even if they aren't physical with you.

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