Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Birmingham - day 4 - ICU

In an earlier post I spoke about the worry of having to leave Freya, and at the minute its definitely more of a concern from our side, having just swapped one set of grandparents for the other. I spoke to her on the phone last night, the sum total of the conversation 'Hello Daddy, how Evan is? Ok Bye.'

Evan remains sedated, with a small chest infection detected, so he's due a bit of physio to move the secretion, but again nothing serious, and he is beginning to look more like himself.

Evan has also been signed up to a McLaron F1 sponsored trial, I know hes a bit young yet, but the trial is to work with his monitoring equipment to look for trends in readings and patterns to enable medics to predicted potential problems, but no car.

A few ups and downs today, Evan had discharged more fluid than he has taken in, which has caused an imbalance in his electrolytes which has caused a drop in blood pressure and change to his heart rhythm, but after a few doctors and nurses and his TPN back up, blood pressure is back up and the rhythm is returning slowly.

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